We launch specialized events to strengthen the perception of a product / brand among private individuals or professional on-trade accounts. By tailoring the activities, location, and staff to the brand, we ensure a clear communication for optimal image representation.


Pop-Up Events

We organize regular pop-up events in Zurich for selected brands. For Gin Mare, three of the best bartenders from England, Sweden and Chile served simple Mediterranean drinks in a cozy, familial atmosphere. The event was promoted on Facebook where it reached a large audience, resulting in high event attendance well above expectations.


In cooperation with UBER, we organized the event #ubercocktail in Zurich. Customers could order cocktails on the UBER app, and a car would drive to their house and prepare cocktails in front of them. The event proved to be a big success, positioning DRINKS.CH as an innovative platform. Unique collaborations such as theses allow us to build a story tailored to a product’s image and reach out to specific target groups.